Day 8

I usually have to stop for about an hour to eat lunch and we stopped about 30 miles from where we were staying, so I decided to have my wife stay at the motel while I rode back to that spot and she could pick me up there and I could eat on the way back and save time.  I started at 7:10am in Dillon, Montana.  However, as soon as I got to the dirt road again, it was jamming up my knees.  You can’t really have that as a long distance cyclist.  So after 14 miles, I turned around and went back, meeting my wife at the motel instead.  I still got my miles in, but less driving.


While I was gone, my wife contacted the person about current cycling laws on highways and interstates.  They simply told her that all roads are open to cyclists!  Yay!  This means I don’t have to ride on dirt roads anymore!  Miracle!

IMG_20160621_123159131_HDR     IMG_20160621_160042

(left: Lewis and Clark named this Beaverhead; right: does this picture make my butt look big?)

After lunch, I kept going, on a paved highway.  I was going so fast!  I averaged about 11.8 miles per hour when usually I get between 9 and 10.  I also did 66 miles!  That’s a personal record!  Wow.  I got to Silver Star, Montana at 3:20pm.  It’s a tiny town, but a good stopping point for the day.

Day 8 speed limit     IMG_20160621_151217517

(left: this is actually on a highway….; right: welcome to Silver Star, MT)

We seem to be getting a little ahead of schedule, so we decided not to stay in the motel in Dillon and we were lucky to find a lady on Airbnb in Butte that could take us for the night.  Today has certainly been another day full of miracles.

     Day 8 couple bridge

Day 8 big tire 4

(top: wife and I in the sunglasses we bought for our wedding; bottom: I wish my tire were that big!)

Day 8 Stats:

Started at 7:10am in Dillon, MT

Rode toward yesterday’s ending point and back through Dillon and on.

Ended at 3:20pm in Silver Star, MT

7.5 hours of riding

66 miles (Personal Record!)

Random Fact:

Unicycle seats are not comfortable, but they’re not too bad either.  It helps having padded cycling shorts.  🙂

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