About the Journey

What it’s all about:

Nearly 1% of the world is deaf.  Only about 5% of that population graduates from college, for various reasons.  We want to help change that.

The One Wheel Man rides a 36-inch unicycle.  Summer of 2016 he’s riding from Utah to Canada to raise awareness.  Upon completion of this trial run, he hopes to find sponsors for a future coast to coast trip, following the RAAM route.  For that trip, there will be fundraisers for you to “buy the mile” of some sort.  These funds will be put towards helping deaf students all around the world gain an education.

Keep coming back to this site to follow the 2016 trial ride and then for further information about how you can help!

More about the Canada trip:

One Wheel Man is riding from Orem, Utah to the Canada border.  The plan is to do this in 13 days of riding, taking Sundays off.  It’s about 750 miles, which is about 55 miles a day.  He’ll ride in the morning until it gets too hot.  If he hasn’t yet met the daily goal, he’ll ride in the evening once it’s cooled down, too.  It’s a 17,000 ft climb throughout the whole trip.

Remember on a unicycle, you have to pedal everything, the uphill, the downhill, and there is no cruise or gears.  Follow this site to follow the trip, along with facebook and Instagram (theonewheelman).