Day 2

Days after rain are very pretty, right?  I started the day off in West Valley City, UT at about 7:30am.  I wanted to get a head start before my new frame arrived.  I wanted to go as far as I could.  Somehow, it never gave me any problems!  Talk about miracles!  I just kept going and going.

Day 2 rack

I drank so much water, I had to find restrooms three times in the first hour!  Then my Gatorade spilled all over my bag…guess I’ll need to use a different bottle for that.

IMG_20160614_134534859     IMG_20160614_080735079

In most of the cities, it was nice to use a trail.  However, once I got north of Ogden, I had to share the road.  There wasn’t much of a shoulder, so it could be pretty scary at times!  I’m pretty sure I saw every type of roadkill…deer, skunk, falcon, pigeon, etc.  Boy, do they stink!  Makes me pedal faster for sure!

IMG_20160614_110311021     Day 2 take off

A lot of people passed me, in cars and on bikes.  I got lots of thumbs up and waves.  Some people would pass me, pull over, and take pictures or videos as I passed them!  Hope they tag #theonewheelman!  I also passed a summer camp with tons of kids.  They were all waving excitedly.  That’s one good way to encourage and motivate.  I’ve got a good crowd of cheerleaders!

It was such a beautiful day!  Cloudy with a mild breeze, but all below 80°F.  So nice!  I thought my frame would give out, but it never did.  The frame did arrive about 3 hours in, but I haven’t changed it yet.

IMG_20160614_153648376     IMG_20160614_153731397

I finally made it to Brigham City, UT at 3:45pm, stopping at the Brigham City LDS temple.  That was my Personal Record of miles in one day!  63 miles, wow!  I sure was tired.  But so great!  What a great day to be a unicyclist!


For dinner, we ate at a buffet with my hard-of-hearing brother-in-law and his family and a deaf friend and his family.  It felt so good to finally be full after practically snacking all day!

Day 2 Stats:

Started 7:30am in WVC, UT

Ended 3:45pm in Brigham City, UT

7 hours of riding

63 miles

Random Fact:

Unicycles do not have gears like a bicycle does.  You can change the length of the crank shafts, but you have to use tools to carefully change them.

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