Day 6

The beautiful day began with moving tables for the garage/yard sale our friends were having.  Then back to Idaho Falls, Idaho where I began my ride at 8:00am.  It was going great!  And then about 30 miles out the highway turned into a dirt road and my wheel kept flipping under me.  Don’t worry, Uni and I are just fine and kept going.

Day 6 blown over

We ate at a taco truck in Hamer, Idaho.  So good!  Homemade tortillas and everything!  I love Mexican food.



There was even a wild(?) white turkey across the street!  It seemed as though he wanted to keep looking at himself in the glass doors.  Haha!  In the picture it’s running away from me on the left…the tree is blocking its head.  Sorry.


Later, the wind picked up hardcore and I was on a loose gravel road.  It was no fun.  There were tons of cows, though.  And anytime I tried to get close to them, they’d run away!  I ended the day in Dubois, Idaho after about 58 miles at 3:30pm.  Whew!  Not too far from Montana now!

Day 6 cows

Day 6 cow run

Day 6 Stats:

Started at 8:00am in Idaho Falls, ID

Ended at 3:30pm in Dubois, ID

6 hours of riding

58 miles

Random Fact:

The One Wheel Man bought his 36-inch unicycle on KSL from a man for just $70 back in 2014.  It needed a lot of fixing up (i.e. pedal fell off while riding it).  But it was the best $70 spent!

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