Day 10

Today’s going to be a good day.  Why?  Because 10 is my favorite number!

I left Jefferson City at 8:30am.  Because Helena is Montana’s capital (and also because they were doing construction on a bridge and there was no way I was going to cross that) I decided to go a highway route again.  Only to find that they were working on that too; it was a dirt road.  A kind worker told me the way wasn’t paved the rest of the way.  (Note to self: I’ve really got to study the map better and plan my routes on paved roads.)  Luckily that cross-section met up with Interstate 15 just down the road, and it was passed the construction, so I hopped back on it.

After Helena is uphill.  Really, it was a mountain.  It got hot real fast.  The red rock scenery (picture on left) with a nearby creek made up for it.  I rode the whole way up!  (picture on right with mountain behind)  Afterwards, I thought to myself, “I made it up a really big mountain.  I am really proud of myself.  I didn’t think I was going to make it.  One pedal at a time.  I think that’s how life is sometimes.”  I think I’m much more prepared for the coast to coast trip.  However, on that note, again, I must have a brake for that trip.  Period.

IMG_20160623_145650960     IMG_20160623_133617480

I made it to Wolf Creek, Montana before 3:30pm.  Good timing.  I’ve noticed that I haven’t had to ride in the evening yet due to not meeting at least 50 miles a day.  Tomorrow is supposed to have scattered thunderstorms, so we’ll see what happens with that tomorrow.  Hopefully, it’s not a day 1 repeat!

Day 10 EU red rock     Day 10 river

Day 10 Stats:

Started at 8:30am in Jefferson City, MT

Ended at 3:20pm in Wolf Creek, MT

5 hours of riding

52.5 miles

Random Fact:

Unicycling all started when James Stanley invented a bicycle in 1866, called the Penny Farthing.  It’s that big wheel with a tiny wheel behind, pretty much a unicycle in training!