Day 12

Plan: There are 120 miles left to go, but I want to do 80 on Monday, so today, I’m only doing about 40 miles.


Outcome: The wind was 25-30 mph for most of the day.  Cold too, about 50°F when I started.  It knocked me off Uni so many times, I couldn’t stay on.  I even tried to crouch down so I wasn’t as much to hit by the wind.  It helped, but not enough.  Every part of my body ached.  I had to call it a day after 2 hours of fighting through it hard core.  But on the bright side, I will be well rested to do 100 miles on Monday!  Canada, here I come!

 IMG_20160625_100052543_HDR     IMG_20160625_100132753

Day 12 Stats:

Started at 7:55am in Great Falls, MT

Ended at 9:55am in Vaughn, MT

2 hours of riding

14 miles

Random Fact:

Not so much about unicycles, but I was born deaf and grew up oral (talking, not signing).  I learned American Sign Language when I was 14, going to junior high school.  I never knew how much I would continue to use it throughout my life.  I love it!

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